Venanzio Ciampa: from New York to Italy’s Chamber of Deputies to discuss digital and millennials

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Last Thursday, the Italian Parliament hosted its second symposium on Global Italians. The event received vast participation and attention mainly for the themes discussed by the panelists, those Italians who were able to contribute with their “Italian Brain” globally.

Among others, the symposium saw the participation of Venanzio Ciampa, President of The Promotion Factory (TPF), a prominent marketing and communications agency situated in the heart of Manhattan. Past and former clients of TPF include HublotGucci, Girard-Perregaux, TAG Heuer, Citizen, Bulova, Frederique Constant, and KARL LAGERFELD among many other companies who count on Venanzio and his teams skills to manage a full 360 degree scope with emphasis on digital and social media, which is critical for Luxury Brands today.

As Ciampa states: “Nowadays we need to invest in our youth and keep up with the times to understand current trends and to be able to promptly communicate them to our clients. Understanding millennials and their language is of pivotal importance in order to share the right message and score points with companies who are counting on us.

TPF is constantly bridging two worlds, currently very different from each other but, at the same time, able to interact if the right instruments and platforms are used. Long-term results are only guaranteed by perseverance and business expertise. In addition, a fundamental element in current communications is storytelling, the ability of telling a story in a way that moves and interacts with the audience’s feelings. Beyond the Digital component, this plays an important role if associated with specific forms and images. This is the task of Beppe Savoni, Creative Director who has working with Venanzio many years.

Doing business in New York and starting from scratch has been a great challenge for Ciampa who is proud of everything he has done to create The Promotion Factory.

His story is amazing as he actually immigrated in reverse.
Born in New York, Venanzio decided at a young age to move to AmaroniCalabria to be with his family. He went on to study in Rome and then came back to the Big Apple. He proudly smiles when he tells us that, at the beginning, he worked as a glass cutter. He then started to work at RAI (Italy’s national public broadcasting company) as a journalist and producer. He launched the New York branch of Cinecittà to sell Italian movies in the USA, under an agreement with Martin Scorsese. He was then approached by Swatch Group to relaunch the iconic Omega brand. That moment paved the way to his long career in marketing and communications, until he finally launched his own company in 2004.

Venanzio still has an inseparable connection with Italy also thanks to his farm where, together with his brothers, he produces Ciampa Antico Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Long story short, he is a role model for those who are passionate about marketing and communications. Venanzio’s career is source of inspiration for many young people who decide to leave their country to follow the “American Dream.” A dream similar to the one dating back years ago, however we are nowadays citizens of the world and distances have been shortened considerably. Doing business abroad is challenging and demanding, but sacrifice, passion and mainly meritocracy will pay you back.